Leverage Existing On-Truck Technology (Camera Agnostic)

Leverage Existing On-Truck Technology (Camera Agnostic)

Run Photos/Videos through WasteVision Al Compliance Lens

Run Photos/Videos through WasteVision Al Compliance Lens

Utilize Data For Enforcement At the Point of Disposal

Utilize Data For Enforcement At the Point of Disposal

Discover the Benefits of AI Contamination Detection Technology

WasteVision AI automates the detection and reporting of overflowing dumpsters and contamination.


  • Overflowing Bin Detection
  • Service Verification
  • Recycling/Organics Bin Contamination Detection
  • Integrated End-To-End System from Camera to ERP/Billing

Enable Enforcement

  • Leverage Existing On-Truck Camera Technology
  • Captures Photos of Non-Compliance
  • Detects Contamination at Point of Generation
  • Link Contamination to Individual Generator

How Can My Business Benefit From WasteVision AI Technology?

  • Mitigate contamination – Our unique solution provides AI contamination detection capabilities, allowing you to bypass the trouble caused by hazardous waste and better comply with EPA regulations.
  • Streamline your operations – With our technology, your company can benefit from a pick-up verification process that easily identifies overloaded containers with an accurate tank sensor system. This ensures that your drivers do not spend extra time manually reporting sources of excessive waste and dealing with blocked containers.
  • Save expenses – The capabilities of WasteVision AI allows you to improve your drivers’ routes, reduce the number of trucks needed for pick-ups, and better manage your assets overall. This will allow your business to save money in the long run.

Case Study: Reporting Overflowing Containers

Based on live client
1 month with > 2,000 commercial lifts

Without WVAI
  • Dependent on driver reporting
  • Extra-step for driver and service team
  • Reported <30 overflows
WVAI Visibility and Automation
  • Automated reporting on all lifts
  • No driver action required
  • WVAI identified 302 overflows
  • Generated >$18k monthly revenue
  • Opportunity to upsell customers

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