Waste & Recycling News

What Waste Management Companies Should Know About EPA Regulation Compliance

Waste collection businesses have a responsibility to follow regulations established by the EPA. Doing so keeps your business in compliance with federal and state statutes. Keep reading to learn....

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AI contamination detection

How Artificial Intelligence Has Changed Waste Contamination Detection

Contaminated waste is a challenge that any waste collection company is all too familiar with. This nuisance causes operational delays and unnecessary expenses on a consistent basis. Luckily, advancements....

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How Does Inefficient Overflow Management Affect Waste Haulers?

Overflowing bins habitually impact a waste hauler’s collection process. According to Development Aid, 3,825 tons of waste is produced and collected every minute. Here’s how the daily operations of....

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4 Reasons Pick-up Verification Is Important to Independent Haulers

Independent haulers are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and environmental sustainability in our communities. We know how to ensure that waste is collected, processed, and disposed of efficiently. One essential....

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pick-up verification services

How Pick-Up Verification Services Can Impact Your Waste Management Service

Communities cannot function without professional waste management services, as they keep a community clean and healthy. According to Development Aid, 3,825 tons of waste is produced and collected every....

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Understanding How Bin Monitoring Can Lead to More Recycled Materials

According to Development Aid, annually, less than 20% of waste is recycled. However, did you know that bin monitoring can actually help boost the amount of materials your business....

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overloaded dumpster

What to Know About AI Overflow and Contamination Tracking

Eliminating waste continues to be a problem for many households. According to Environment America, each individual in America throws away about 4.9 pounds of trash daily. Overflowing dumpsters and....

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fill level monitoring

Why Do You Need Fill Level Monitoring for Your Trash Bins?

It seems as if AI is everywhere today, and that includes the waste and recycling industry. According to Scripp News, the U.S. produces 12% of the world’s trash, so....

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How Waste Contamination Impacts Trash Collection

Trash collection companies are regularly affected by the nuisances of overflow and contamination. Contamination occurs when non-recyclable or hazardous materials are mixed with organic waste during the waste collection....

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Optimizing Waste Management: Leveraging Data for Cost Savings & Efficiency

Efficient waste management is good not only for the environment but also for your bottom line. Bin monitoring data can be used to optimize waste management, significantly reduce waste,....

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