How Artificial Intelligence Has Changed Waste Contamination Detection

AI contamination detection

Contaminated waste is a challenge that any waste collection company is all too familiar with. This nuisance causes operational delays and unnecessary expenses on a consistent basis. Luckily, advancements in AI technology produce a solution to how waste haulers assess and handle contamination. Let’s take a closer look at how the capabilities of artificial intelligence have made waste contamination detection easier.

What Does AI Offer?

This particular AI software exists in the form of on-truck camera technology. Specifically, video telematics camera systems perform scans with every lift, providing visibility and data-driven proof of contaminated recyclables or waste. This software allows waste haulers to tie consistent sources of contamination to a particular commercial or residential generator, which may have been an impossible task before.

How This Technology Improves Operational Efficiency

Drivers’ routes are heavily affected by the time it takes to assess contaminated waste and communicate with customers on right-sizing their services. AI contamination detection software bypasses the need for workers to check each bin manually, saving everyone on the team time that can be spent more wisely.

A Cost-Saving Solution

Waste contamination can cause a number of operational obstacles and extra expenses, especially when they occur consistently. Before, haulers were forced to impose significant cost increases on all residents of an area where contaminated waste was found. One key benefit of this technology is that it allows waste collectors to accurately charge those specific sources of contamination that are driving costs for their community.

The Safety Benefits It Provides

According to a study by the Florida Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, solid waste haulers rank third on the list of riskiest jobs in the United States. AI-equipped camera systems can also function as a safety tool to protect drivers. Their detection software can greatly reduce a worker’s exposure to contamination. Additionally, even collision events can be captured by the technology’s cameras, which could assist with insurance and documentation matters.

As a waste hauling business, there are a host of benefits you can expect from investing in AI contamination detection technology. If you’re ready to drastically improve the operational efficiency and cost management of your business, then turn to WasteVision AI. We are proud to deliver technology that cuts the costs and hassles that come with waste contamination. Our exceptional team looks forward to speaking with you!