How Does Inefficient Overflow Management Affect Waste Haulers?

Overflowing bins habitually impact a waste hauler’s collection process. According to Development Aid, 3,825 tons of waste is produced and collected every minute. Here’s how the daily operations of a waste collection business are affected by overflowing bins.

Overflow Preparedness

Dealing with unknown fill levels can create challenges for waste hauling businesses. While bin underutilization adds extra time to a driver’s route, an overutilized bin also creates inefficiencies for typical operations. Overflowing bins often mean that weight limits are being exceeded, which may even result in the inability for this overflow to be properly transferred and gathered. Traveling to properties with bins that are not ready or eligible for pickup takes extra time and costs that can create long-term negative results.

Taking Time to Manually Document Overflows

Overflowing bins require extra time and assessment for drivers to mark and document on their collection routes. Much like other tasks that overflow creates, this is on a case-by-case basis. Needless to say, this particular overflow obstacle requires thorough evaluation as it occurs on a worker’s route, which slows down service time and may even increase operational costs.

Disproportionate Service Charges

Along with communicating overflows and proper disposal practices for customers, an extra step is required to appropriately charge for the services delivered in this instance. This varies on the fill levels exceeded by certain bins as well as potential contamination or other unforeseen circumstances. Inaccurate charges with overflows have a negative impact on operational costs and may impact service quality.

With the fill level monitoring services provided by Waste Vision AI’s on-truck camera technology, your workers can easily identify sources of chronic overflow and accurately charge for services, as our technology accurately captures fill levels. Our waste management solution also gives your business the opportunity to communicate overflows to customers in a timely, accurate manner.

Needless to say, waste collection businesses could use a solution that streamlines their approach to overflows and the issues that stem from it. Waste Vision AI’s technology can automatically detect overflows in bins, allowing for quick overflow documentation, greater collection efficiency, and the ability to appropriately charge for services. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our fill level monitoring services and how we can implement our technology for you.