How Pick-Up Verification Services Can Impact Your Waste Management Service

pick-up verification services

Communities cannot function without professional waste management services, as they keep a community clean and healthy. According to Development Aid, 3,825 tons of waste is produced and collected every minute. Therefore, waste management companies must have the best methods, tools, and resources. Pick-up verification is one important part of this process. There are a few different ways pick-up verification services can be handled. Let’s learn more about these methods and which one is best.

Digital Verification Software

One of the best and most reliable methods is digital verification software. Software companies can verify that the service has been completed. Through the use of bar codes, waste management employees can scan each service container to verify it has been emptied. This provides a time stamp for each stop of service and is one of the most thorough methods. This can be used along with a digital platform where customers can also log in and check.

On-Site Verification

Another option is an on-site method. This requires another employee to do checks of customer properties to ensure that trash has indeed been picked up properly. This helps ensure that the company is complying with any regulations and provides satisfactory service to customers. This is a good way to investigate complaints of late pick-ups or no-shows as well.

Customer Feedback

A waste management company can also encourage customers to provide feedback. This can easily be done through a digital platform where customers can file a complaint as well as post pictures or videos of trash conditions and times. This gives the company solid evidence of how services are being delivered.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is an effective way for waste management companies to keep up with service vehicles and ensure that routes are being completed. GPS devices are installed on waste vehicles to track location and movements. This data can then be used to verify if services were provided as contracted. This is good information to have when customers file complaints.

These are just a few ways that waste management companies can verify pick-ups and services. If you’re looking for innovative ways to handle waste management services, contact WasteVision Al today. We provide software and pick-up verification services that can help take your business to the next level.