How Waste Contamination Impacts Trash Collection

Trash collection companies are regularly affected by the nuisances of overflow and contamination. Contamination occurs when non-recyclable or hazardous materials are mixed with organic waste during the waste collection process. Here are additional insights into how waste contamination affects collections for waste haulers.

Sorting Issues

According to Upper Inc., almost 25% of waste consists of paper products. Paper products are one of the easiest things to recycle. Though recyclable materials are easy to identify for most, it’s contaminated recyclables that create the biggest problem for trash collecting companies. Not only is their efficiency negatively impacted, but it also affects how much resources are devoted to placing these items into proper disposal sources for these materials.

Route Disruptions

Dealing with waste contamination is a task that is done with great care by garbage collectors. However, this slows down drivers’ efficiency and ability to complete their routes on a consistent timeline. In the long run, this costs waste companies extra money and time that they may not be able to account for. Additionally, property owners must be communicated with to ensure that they’re aware of what waste should be disposed of at the appropriate facilities and drop-off locations.

Health and Environmental Risks

Frequent handling of hazardous materials makes the garbage collectors’ tasks much riskier. This level of exposure to harmful items can negatively affect one’s health and hygiene.

Proper removal of contaminated waste helps to reduce a collection company’s carbon footprint. If a waste collection company is unable to adequately mitigate contamination, they may be in violation of EPA regulations.

Customer Satisfaction

In the waste collection industry, dealing with waste contamination can impact customer satisfaction. Drivers often encounter improperly disposed waste, leading to the need for more customer communication to address these issues. Contaminated waste picked up by drivers not only slows down the collection process but also hampers effective waste management for property owners. Educating customers about proper waste disposal practices becomes crucial in mitigating these challenges and ensuring smooth trash collection operations.

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