Identify and Prevent Contamination in an Overloaded Dumpster

How Does Our Technology Work?

WasteVision AI technology maximizes the ability of on-truck cameras to identify sources of waste contamination and overflow at pick-up locations. With the help of our innovative technology, overloaded dumpsters don’t have to be a problem any longer!


How Can You Benefit From Making Overflow Identification Easier?

Waste management companies benefit from our AI technology in a number of ways. From lessening the negative impact of waste on the environment to improving your business’ everyday efficiency, here’s how WasteVision AI can optimize your company’s services.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint – Utilizing our waste management AI solution will ensure that your services do not negatively impact the environment. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, the decay and contamination of organic, solid waste contributes to about 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Do your part in working toward a healthier environment by utilizing our waste management technology.
  • Optimize your operations – Make the process of identifying overloaded containers and providing evidence of this to customers a more efficient process with our AI-driven technology. Your drivers no longer have to bear the burden of picking up excessive waste bins and spending extra time on identifying it themselves.
  • Preserve the value of your company – An overloaded dumpster with contaminated waste does not have to negatively impact the finances of your waste hauling business anymore. By addressing overflow and streamlining your pick-up verification processes, your business will see a tangible return on investment. Reduce the possibility of overloaded disposal expenses and turn to WasteVision AI.


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