Understanding How Bin Monitoring Can Lead to More Recycled Materials

According to Development Aid, annually, less than 20% of waste is recycled. However, did you know that bin monitoring can actually help boost the amount of materials your business recycles? Let’s look at how it works.

See Contamination in Real-Time

One major barrier to effective recycling is contamination – when non-recyclable items end up in recycling bins. Paper contaminated with food can’t be recycled. Plastic bags can jam up sorting facility conveyors. Bin monitoring uses cameras to show what’s actually going into the garbage trucks in real-time. This allows you to instantly address contamination issues before they are dropped off.

Receive Contamination Alerts

Many bin monitoring systems go beyond cameras to use smart software, detecting when contamination occurs. You’ll get instant alerts showing the offending material, so you can correct the behavior immediately. This fast feedback virtually eliminates contamination.

Gather Recycling Data

Bin monitoring provides rich data to optimize your entire waste program. You’ll see fill levels, pickups, participation rates, and more. With hard metrics on contamination, you can deploy targeted training to improve recycling practices. You’ll also know which materials and bins see the most volume, allowing you to adjust service levels and right-size your program.

Boost Recycling Rates

Armed with bin monitoring data, you can make changes that directly increase recycling rates. Addressing contamination means more materials stay recyclable. Identifying high-volume bins lets you add capacity. Analytics showing low participation enable targeted education and signage. Bin monitoring data is key for continuous improvement.

Let bin monitoring give you the insights needed to reduce contamination and capture more recyclable materials. With the right technology, recycling excellence is within reach! Contact us today to discuss equipping your trucks with smart monitoring. If you’re looking to recycle more materials, then bin monitoring can benefit you. Reach out to us today and let’s set up a system that can help you to recycle more. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services. We want to ensure you see the benefits that you should take advantage of immediately. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started with our services.