What to Know About AI Overflow and Contamination Tracking

overloaded dumpster

Eliminating waste continues to be a problem for many households. According to Environment America, each individual in America throws away about 4.9 pounds of trash daily. Overflowing dumpsters and bins remain a constant problem for waste management companies. Having a tool to track those overflows helps solve some of their core operational business obstacles. This article will review the primary advantages overflow tracking offers.

Automated Detection With AI

An overloaded dumpster is more than just an eyesore. They can actually lead to increased environmental pollution. Before the advent of AI technologies, it was up to service drivers to spot. However, this can cause errors and is quite time-consuming. WasteVision AI has transformed this process by leveraging existing on-truck camera technology, which can automate the detection of overflowing dumpsters or contamination.

Enhanced Efficiency

With the WasteVision AI system, you can run photos and videos through the AI compliance lens, which provides immediate and accurate identification of overflowing bins. This will allow any issues to be promptly addressed. This data can be collected and used for enforcement and teaching purposes, allowing the waste issues to be addressed directly with the generator.

Leverage Data for Smarter Waste Management

Using the data provided by the advanced AI, you gain several invaluable insights, which can be used for better route planning and resource allocation. This will help municipalities or waste management companies optimize their performance, reducing unnecessary pickup and the costs associated with a contaminated or overloaded dumpster. The real-time results from the AI will allow for quick, on-the-fly operational changes.

Enforcement and Compliance

As previously mentioned, leveraging AI waste management technologies will allow you to properly bill or warn those responsible for the overflow or contamination. At WasteVision AI, our team will work directly with your billing department to deliver all the necessary information to bill overflowing customers. As you know, waste compliance issues can be a real stressor for any waste management company. Leveraging AI can cut down on hundreds of potential violations before you ever pick up the dumpsters.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways AI contamination tracking can help your business or municipality. We offer the solutions you need, including overflow detection and on-truck AI tools. Contact our team today to learn how we can improve your operation’s efficiency.