Why Do You Need Fill Level Monitoring for Your Trash Bins?

fill level monitoring

It seems as if AI is everywhere today, and that includes the waste and recycling industry. According to Scripp News, the U.S. produces 12% of the world’s trash, so it’s good to hear that AI can help your operation. One way AI technology is shaping the future of trash management is through fill-level monitoring. Let’s look at some reasons you need this for all of your trash bins and dumpsters.

Address Over and Underutilization

A common issue for waste management companies is unknown fill levels. Fill level monitoring eliminates this issue. For example, if bins are not filled to their optimal capacity, it makes consistent pickups less of a necessity and can cost you time and resources. On the other hand, if bins are consistently overutilized, it can lead to them exceeding strict weight limits, which is dangerous and can lead to fines and fees. Since overflowing bins cannot be moved until they’re emptied, you could experience operational delays without proper fill level monitoring.

Eliminate Routing Inefficiency

Not knowing the fill level of your bins can lead to some serious routing inefficiencies, as you may travel extended distances only to collect a bin that isn’t even ready for pickup. Fill level monitoring reduces this wasted time and resources. By knowing when bins are ready to be picked up, you can cut down on wasteful spending and even make a positive impact on the environment through decreased fuel consumption.

Even More Benefits of Fill Level Monitoring

The benefits don’t stop with what we’ve laid out so far! There are several more benefits you can expect when you install a monitoring system in your bins. First, they provide accurate data to enhance operational decision-making. Next, you can lower your operational costs a significant amount through fewer wasted trips and a decreased chance of any fines.

As you can see, fill level monitoring can bring a lot to the table for your waste management business. From reducing routing inefficiencies to properly addressing over and underutilization, the investment will pay off swiftly. To learn more about our AI technologies, give our friendly team at WasteVision AI a call today. We will be more than happy to discuss our waste management solutions with you and provide you with more information about our contamination technology.